Menu at Don Sanchez restaurant

Our food, service and quality are consistent with the same standards found in North America’s finest restaurants as we strive to constantly improve and innovate thanks to the creativity of our chef Edgar Román. 

When you visit Don Sánchez restaurant in Cabo, one of the best restaurants in San José del Cabo art district, you will have an outstanding culinary experience – Mexican contemporary cuisine

Based on vegetables

$300 MXN

Charred beets

Sliced beets (120 grs) | candied pecan nuts | vegan cashews jocoque with pink pepper corns, garlic, and wild Baja oreganus | fermented hibiscus vinaigrette | fresh quelite sprouts.

$250 MXN

Jicama sashimi

Jicama & hibiscus compress (prep 90 grs) | seasonal fruit salad | cucumber | cilantro | macha sauce with roasted peanuts.

$250 MXN

Tuber ceviche

Root vegetables (raw 60 grs) | baby romaine leaves | avocado emulsion | rice cracklings | sambal | serrano flakes | radish.

$250 MXN

The vegan sope

Corn flat patty | hibiscus flower | vegan ground meat with lentils (80 grs) | red mortar sauce | guajillo pepper air | pickled carrot.

$400 MXN

Wood oven charred cauliflower

White cauliflower (raw 300 grs) | vegan aioli | Faba pureé with smoked chipotle hint | carrot tail pesto | grilled veggies.

$395 MXN

Caesar salad at your table

Hhydroponic mini romaine lettuce | homemade spicy Caesar dressing | chips of cured serrano ham | Reggiano parmesan | garlic chips | artisan crouton.

$370 MXN

Rustic tomatoes

Organic heirloom tomato | organic green tomato | chickpea | pepper leaf pesto | rice cracklings | mixed olives | pink pepper | salt flower | Spanish grape capers | aged rancho cheese I edible flowers.

$450 MXN

Mix of wild Mexican mushrooms

Creamy rice with holy leaf and avocado | mixed sprouts.

Animal-based dishes

$800 MXN

Wood oven roasted pork shank

Pork (cooked 600 grs) | grilled mashed potato with red onion, garlic and rosemary | roasted vegetables | red mortar sauce | red chili oil | tortillas.

350 MXN

Surf & turf taco

Lobster tail (raw 90 grs) I flour tortilla light fried in macha sauce | quinoa crusted lobster tail | rancho style beans | Mexican rice | roasted green tomato sauce | cilantro sprouts.

$300 MXN

Steamed panbazo with pork belly

Por belly (90 gr) | caramelized pork in pasilla and piloncillo marinade | avocado emulsion | red onion | regional goat cheese | lettuce | radish.

$290 MXN

Confited goat sope

Yellow dough corn flat patty | confited pulled goat (90 gr coocked) | avocado and green tomatillo relish | faba pure with a touch of morita chili | guajillo pepper air.

$300 MXN

Totoaba quesabirrias

Three pieces of totoaba birria quesadillas with vegetable stew | totoaba birria broth | red onion | cilantro | avocado emulsion | grilled yellow lemon.

$400 MXN

Quail pozole

Regional quail breast (50 gr) | cacahuazintle corn | condensed quail broth | purple cabbage | chambray onion | radish | yellow lemon | avocado | fried red chili and cilantro.

$800 MXN

Sterling Silver brisket

Baked overnight in our wood-fired oven and then sous vide for 8 hours (cooked 160 gr) | creamy rice with wild Mexican mushrooms and avocado | tamarind and pasilla chili demiglace | truffle oil | crispy parmesan | roasted vegetables.

From the sea

$400 MXN

Catch of the day tartar

Fish in poke cut (raw 125 grs) wakame chile serrano pearls avocado onion cilantro | lime spiced ponzu sauce | charred habanero mayo.

$1,700 MXN

Creamy rice with lobster

Lobster tail, cooked in 3 steps and methods (raw 180 grs) | white wine | saffron I zucchini blossom risotto with parmesan | crispy parmesan.

$320 MXN

Catch of the day tiradito

Raw smoked fish filet (raw 125 gr) | mango sour sauce | fish skin togarachi | serrano pepper crisps | wakame, cilantro & red onion salad | cucumber slices.

$400 MXN

Octopus ceviche

Octopus (cooked 80 grs) | Persian cucumber | pork cracklings (cooked 50 grs) | radish | fresh cilantro | toasted sesame | red onion | avocado | olive oil | lemon juice |  mango aguachile in sorbet | citric foam.

$1,300 MXN

Abalone tiradito

Abalone (90 gr) | traditional South Baja pickled emulsion | pickled veggies | rice crackers | yellow lemon grill | serrano pepper cracklings.

$800 MXN

Catch of the day in potato crust

Catch (200 gr) | citrus salad of xoconostle, cactus, tomato, avocado with acuyo oil | sour pitahaya sauce with mint essence | nopal chip.

$800 MXN

Tikin-xic fish

Catch of the day in red axiote rub I (raw 200 grs) | baked in banana leaf | carrot puree with citrus and cold smoked habanero | roasted xnipec | risotto with pepper leaf.

$800 MXN

Baja Med fish

Fish (raw 200 grs) | beet quinoto and vegetables | butter and fresh organic herbs crust | sundried tomato tapenade | bruschetta.

$980 MXN

Blackened shrimp

Shrimp (raw 180 grs) | roasted coconut rice and dried fruits | pitahaya & radish chutney | grilled vegetables.


Chocolate piñata

Churros with chocolate and caramel sauce

Chocolate & Ambrosia

Amalia Hernández